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Created by Christina Vigil

Mar-Sept, Gates open at 1, drivers meeting at 4:00, races to follow

Oct.-Nov., Gates open at 10am, drivers meeting at noon, races to follow

2019 Kart Racing Prices & Info

Heat races 8 laps

Features 15 laps

20 laps dash for cash with qualify


Pit passes $15.00

Pit passes $20.00 on spring fling/4th of July/Boogieman/ Turkey Shootout

Pit spots $100.00 season does not include Boogieman

Pit Spots for Boogie Man 25.00

Transponder rental $5.00

Race Receiver for JRS rental $10.00 we encourage you to buy your own these are mandatory

Pouches are 10$ for the transponder you must have a pouch this is mandatory

Member entry fee 35.00 first class

Members 2nd class 30.00

Non-members 40.00 first class

Non-members 30.00 second class 

In efforts to grow the new predator classes races 1-8 1st half of season $20.00 second half 9-16 reg price

This includes: predator treaded/ open predator and JR treaded predator

Dash for cash classes Are Free if Driver signs up for 2 or more classes the class fee is 25$ if only signed up for one class.

1st 50.00

2nd 25.00